☀️ JAG Camper – 2024 Model Available for Viewing This Weekend!

Hello JAG Friends,

It is great to be back at the factory after as awesome week at the 2024 Brisbane Supershow. It was amazing to meet you all and share our revolutionary approach to camping.

📅2024 New Model Viewing Times📅

Don’t miss out on your chance to see our latest creation!

Friday 21st – Tuesday 25th of June

(This weekend included)

Location: Our Morningside, Brisbane Factory/Showroom

Book your appointment by calling Jack on 0427199800

From Friday to Tuesday this week (including the weekend as well) we will be opening up our factory for viewings of our latest 2024 JAG Camper. As many of you are aware, there have bene quite a few improvements made since our 2023 model hit the market.

At shows we have been displaying our outdated 2023 prototype camper, as we have been selling all of our 2024 models. We are in the process of completing our latest 2024 model and are making it available for viewings before it is picked up by her owners!

Book a viewing: Call Jack at 0427199800

Don’t miss out on seeing the latest JAG Camper before it is picked up by her owners!

🎉New Grey JAG Camper!🎉

JAG Camper Now Available in Cool Grey!

We are making a limited edition JAG Camper in a stunning cool grey colour. Usually the JAG Camper comes with a white exterior finish and then is wrapped with a big sticker to what ever colour you desire.  

We will only be making one of these in our upcoming production run, so if you are interesting in snatching it up, let us know!

Checkout some digital concepts below of how the new cool grey camper will look!

⛺Brisbane Super Show⛺

We had an amazing week meeting everyone at Brisbane Supershow!

Thank you for all those that came, with many of you telling us you came just to see the JAG Camper! It is always great to meet you all and see the enthusiasm from people interested in JAG Camper’s revolutionary approach to camping!

⌛1 Spot Left in Next Production Run⌛

Act fast to secure a JAG Camper for the Christmas Holidays

Secure your camper with a refundable 10% holding deposit

Our upcoming production run is almost completely booked out, with only 1 camper available for purchase. The 1 camper available is in the cool grey colour shown above. If you are interested in receiving a JAG Camper before this Christmas holidays, get in touch soon!
Your camper can be secured with a 10% holding deposit. This deposit is fully refundable until 22 days before production starts. So if your situation has changed, no stress, let us know and we will refund your deposit.

Thank You For Reading

Thank you for reading our updates for this month. Please reach out via our website or our contact details below for any further information.

Kind Regards,
Jack and Frank

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