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Our mission at JAG Camper is to infuse the joy of retro camping with innovative design, creating campers that embody our passion for the great outdoors. Through our products practicality, comfort and ease of use, we aim to provide JAG camper owners lasting outdoor experiences.


teardrop camper australia jag camper frank gosdschan

Frank Gosdschan

This started at an early age with Engineering parents who loved camping and exploring. Although I ventured towards the corporate world with my career, I maintained a firm grip on the practical world as a manufacturer of blinds and shutters, car restoration and home building. Jack took on the Engineering path following in his Grandfather's footsteps which provided me with ideal vehicle to explore my experiences and knowledge of the camping world to develop the Jag Camper.

teardrop camper australia jag camper jack and frank gosdschan founders

Jack Gosdschan

I have spent the last couple years in research and development designing Internet of Things (IOT) products for the mining industry as an Industrial Designer. After many years of full time work and uni, I decided to fulfil a dream, Explore the east coast of Australia in a van! So Dad and myself built a camper van and I went on my way, travelling from the Sunshine Coast to Hobart, and back again. Surfing, spearfishing and hiking along the way, I fell in love with this nomadic lifestyle and brainstormed ways to enhance it. Upon returning, Dad and I aligned on the idea, igniting our journey into crafting innovative camper designs.

Locked down and bored

Our journey into the world of Teardrop campers began during the unexpected and challenging times of the COVID-19 lockdown. Like many, we found ourselves confined to our homes, craving a project to channel our creative energy. My son Jack was on the verge of completing his Bachelor of Industrial Design. We decided to combine our skills and embarked on a mission to design and build something special, a Teardrop camper.

Work Begins

With our initial sketches in hand, we dove headfirst into the intricate process of crafting our vision. Countless hours were dedicated to refining our design, toying with different ideas, and tirelessly rebuilding until we achieved an amazing result. Every moment invested was worth it, as the result was nothing short of extraordinary, meticulously crafted Teardrop camper.

Completed and on the road!

In 2021, the camper was finally complete, and we wasted no time in taking it on the road. Over the next two years, we explored far and wide, uncovering a newfound passion for camping. It didn't take long for us to notice the genuine interest and admiration our Teardrop camper attracted from fellow travelers. One bloke we met at 1770 was so impressed that he vowed to track us down if we didn't produce more campers!

Redesigned from the ground up

Inspired by our experiences and the valuable feedback from fellow adventurers, Jack and I got our heads together again to reimagine our Teardrop camper. We meticulously incorporated every lesson we had learned, striving to enhance every aspect of our creation. The bedroom now boasts convenient drawers for easier access to clothing, an expanded under-bed storage area, refined aesthetics, upgraded doors and windows, and a user-friendly gas bayonet mount for added convenience.We also developed a cutting-edge electrical hub, integrating the latest technology and a user-friendly touch panel display to streamline monitoring of battery levels, water tank, gas tank, and camper level. We take immense pride in the Teardrop camper we've crafted—a true labor of love. Our unwavering dedication to quality has fueled our mission to create a camper that stands out in a crowd, boasting exceptional features, ingenious solutions, and impeccable finishes.

teardrop camper australia jag camper tweed river

The JAG TD is born!

And so, Jag Camper TD was born, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. We are now in the production phase of this extraordinary Teardrop camper. Our mantra remains steadfast—to uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship. Both Jack and I are deeply committed to being hands-on at every stage of production, ensuring that every Jag Camper TD embodies our vision of excellence.But our journey has evolved into something more significant than just a father and son project. It's become a family affair. Deb, my partner, has lent her invaluable insights into the camper's practicality and layout, which have been instrumental in further refining our creation. Sophie, Deb’s daughter, has showcased her remarkable talents in graphic design, crafting our logo for us!

teardrop camper australia jag camper jack and frank gosdschan founders

A commitment to quality

After spending 35 years in the corporate world, I can honestly say that I've found my true passion, and I'm pursuing it with boundless enthusiasm. Jack and I share a common goal—we don't aspire to be the biggest in the industry, but rather, we aspire to be the best.Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary journey, and we can't wait for you to experience the excellence and innovation that define Jag Camper TD.

- Frank Gosdschan