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Long setup times while camping are a thing of the past! With the JAG Teardrop Camper, simply unhitch from your car and enjoy your holiday!


Due to JAG Teardrop Camper's incredibly light 860kg tare weight and its ultra aerodynamic teardrop shape design, you'll be hard pressed to even notice it when your towing it! The smallest of cars tow JAG with ease. It is also incredibly fuel efficient, allowing you to travel further, without worrying about fuel prices!


Due to JAG Teardrop Camper's compact size (L=4.8m, W=2.2m, H=2.05m) and ultra lightweight, storing the camper is a breeze. JAG Teardrop Camper can be maneuvered by hand into the smallest of storage spaces. When at home park your JAG anywhere (your garage, driveway or even underground apartment carpark!).



Dinner made easy in JAG's beautiful alfresco kitchen! Conduct all your food prep on JAG Teardrop Camper's massive 1600mmx700mm hardwood bench. The fully featured kitchen includes Twin Gas Hobs with an electric ignition, a 65L Kings adjustable fridge/freezer and a large stainless steel sink + tap with running water supplied from the water tank by a 12v electric pump. With 2x cupboards, 3x drawers a large storage area under the sink, there is plenty of space for all your cookware and cutlery.


Grab a drink from the fridge, sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset. Or...enjoy your favourite show on the 24" Smart Television. Access free to air TV, your favourite streaming service (Netflix, Youtube, Stan, Hulu, etc.) or bring your own movies on a USB, this TV does it all! Prefer to watch TV inside the camper? The TV rotates so it can be viewed from the Kitchen or interior space.


Get a great nights sleep

Rest easy on JAG Teardrop Camper's luxurious full Queen memory foam matress bed while watching the stars through the impressive skylight. Wake up with the sun, or block it out completely, every single window is tinted and features blockout blinds.


Stay safe with JAG Teardrop Camper's security minded design. Each side door is key lockable and features a security mesh screen for when you want to let the breeze in. The Kitchen hatch locks down with two robust key lock latches. All windows including the skylight are also internally latch lockable.

Cool in summer, warm in winter

The JAG Teardrop Camper is designed to excel in the demanding Australian climate so you'll stay comfortable in those hot QLD summer days and freezing Tasmanian winters. The JAG Teardrop Camper utilises an advanced XPS/FRP composite panel construction which is extremely insulative against temperature and noise.
Stay cool with significant airflow provided by 5 openable doors and windows (all with mesh to protect against bugs), as well as two premium high flow Sirocco II fans.


Bring all your clothes and camping gear with you! The JAG Teardrop Camper features significant interior storage space with 6x large drawers and 2x massive cupboards. Simply lift the bed to reveal an enormous 600L hidden storage compartment.

JAG Teardrop Camper

$44,990 Drive Away

teardrop camper australia jag camper render blue


JAG Teardrop Camper

Battery100 A/h
Road TypeSemi Off-Road: Beach use and Unmaintained Dirt Roads


  • Steel Chassis engineered & locally made out of 100x50x3mm RHS 
  • Cruisemaster GT independent suspension, suitable for semi off road conditions (beach use, national parks, un-maintained dirt roads) and highways
  • Electric Drum Braking
  • Elec Brake smart braking system (no need to wire up your car to utilise the electric braking!)
  • Roof and Walls utilise Advanced composite XPS/FRP panels (extremely strong, ultra lightweight, rot proof and highly insulated) 
  • Tough Underbody made of 3mm checker plate aluminium sheet
  • Aerodynamic shape ensures extremely low wind drag when towing
  • Spare Wheel
  • Parking Brake


  • 100 AH LiFePo 4, Deep cycle Lithium battery
  • 40 Amp Mains Power Charger
  • 40 Amp Solar DC to DC Charger
  • 24” 12v Smart TV on rotating system allowing for use in both the kitchen and inside
  • Included fold away TV Antenna
  • Inlet/Outlets
    • 4x 240v mains power outlets
    • 240v RCD switch mains inlet
    • 2x 12v DC outlets 
    • 2x USB/USBC outlets
    • Solar Input
    • TV Antenna input
  • Electronic switching system to control
    • Fridge
    • Exterior power
    • Kitchen lights
    • Water pump
  • Battery monitor
  • Water tank level monitor


  • 2 x Secure lockable doors with security mesh screen and blind
  • 2 x windows with fly screen and blind
  • Large openable sunroof with fly screen and blind
  • Queen sized Bed
  • Large 600L storage space under bed
  • 2 x High flow Sirroco fans
  • 2 x Reading lights with inbuilt USB chargers
  • 2 x dimmable LED downlights
  • Beautiful Falcatta Plywood cabinetry


  • 60L Upright Fridge Adjustable Fridge/Freezer
  • Massive 1600 x 600mm hardwood benchtop 
  • 24inch 12v Smart TV with streaming services access (Netflix, Stan, Hulu, etc.)
  • Thetford brand 2 burner gas hob with electric ignition
  • Stainless steel sink and tap
  • 12v DC Water Pump provides running water to the tap from the water tank
  • 84L Water Tank

Extras List

  • Air Gazebo + 12v Air Pump - Custom Designed for JAG Camper $1500

    Custom 4.2m x 4.2m quick inflate air gazebo custom designed to fit and seal to the JAG camper. Provides a spacious lounge area around the kitchen and doors. 4 x included walls, seals to camper to stop rain or dust ingress. Contact for more info.

  • Air Conditoner + Heater (EcoFlow Wave 2) $2500

    Integrated Air Conditioner + Heater utilising the EcoFlow Wave 2.

  • Air Conditioner (no heater) $1500

    Integrated Air Conditioner

  • Remote Control Caravan Mover (Quattro Titanium) $2100

    Make the hassle of reversing your camper into a tough spot a thing of the past. This add on grants you the ability to unhitch your camper, and move it in wirelessly via a remote control. Enquire for more details.

  • 180° Self Supporting Awning $999

    Large Darche 180° Awning that sets up quickly and easily. Self support but can be tied down in windy conditions. Encloses the whole side of the camper. Walls can also be added creating an awesome side room. Can be mounted directly to the camper so the camper does not increase in heigt or via roof racks.

  • Hot Water Service + Shower $250

    Receive high flow hot water by adding a hot water service box with an integrated shower head (powered by a 12v water pump).

  • Popup Shower Tent $250
  • Solar Blanket - 200W Waterproof $450

    Foldable 200w Waterproof free standing Solar Blanket

  • Roof Racks contact

    Contact for Pricing

  • Induction Cooktop Package (Induction Install + Battery & Inverter Upgrade) $2150

    Swap out the included Gas system for an Induction cooktop. We will also add a 300w Inverter and upgrade the battery capacity to 200Ah to keep up with the high power consumption of induction cooktops!

  • Hitch Upgrade: Cruisemaster D035 with Pin Shank $360
  • UE Mega Boom Speaker with Custom Holder $350

    Enjoy music or wirelessly connect the speaker to your TV (speaker connects to TV via Bluetooth). We will also construct a custom plywood speaker holder in the Kitchen.

  • 1500w Inverter $730

    1500w Inverter installed and wired up to each 240v outlet in the camper, allowing you to use 240v power when off grid. (Mains charger comes as standard allowing you to use 240v power when at a powered site without the need for an inverter)

  • 200Amp.hr LiFePO4 Battery Upgrade $1500

    Upgrade from a 100Ah to a 200Ah LiFePO4 to boost your battery life!

  • Full Colour Wrap of Camper $1500

    Full colour wrap of your chooosing for camper (1/2 wrap comes as standard)

Custom Colour

Choose your favourite JAG Camper Colour

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