Caravan Queensland 2023 Let’s Go Expo

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Fresh from the Caravan Queensland 2023 Let’s Go Caravan and Camping Sale, we are so pleased with the reaction and generous comments made by those visiting the Jag Teardrop camper display. It was wonderful to meet everyone and take them on the journey of our little Jag Camper. It was also great to hear the comments with a common theme being its cuteness, the fun with the turning television and the timber finishes both inside and for the alfresco kitchen.

Our next production run has now commenced and the input provided from the show are being implemented including:

  • Auto lift for the under bed storage.  We are working on a mechanism so that access to the underbed storage is as simply as a touch of a button.  The gas struts currently being utilised work well but the feedback we got was that lifting that first 300mm of the bed could be made easier so we are working on that change for implementation in our very next camper.
  • Air Gazebo.  We have already started working with a manufacture of Gazebos however, was unable to have a production model finished intime for the show.  The Gazebo we will introduce shortly uses air poles that inflates in minutes.  It will neatly slide over the camper to create a space that is not only private but also away from the elements.  Our prototype works incredibly well as we have discovered over the past years of development.
  • Our composite sandwich panel manufacturer has advised that we can colour the outside colour of the caravan to any colour within the Pantone range.  That is very exciting as we can generate some very interesting colour combinations including the opportunity to colour match to your car, go bright and stunning or stay with a retro palate of the 50s and 60s.  Our wrap supplier can also create wonderful designs to further enhance the outside appearance of the camper.
  • Some asked about air conditioning.  We deliberately did not include air conditioning as camper air conditioning units mount on the roof which would make the camper too tall for the standard garage opening.  There are camping air conditioning units available such as the Ecoflow Wave and Zero Breeze which will plug into the 12volt outlets we have on the outside of the camper and we will design an air input system from these units into the bed area of the camper.  Its also important to note that the Jag Camper is built from composite panel that is used for refrigerated vans, so it is extremely insulated and the number of openings in the van provide significant airflow…..not to mention the two Sirocco fans fitted that provide wonderful airflow……so air conditioning may not be required.

We were asked if an full off road version is possible and the simple answer is yes.  We are working on developing an off road version with airbag technology so that when ploughing through the toughest of terrains, the suspension will be set high, however when parked for the night, the suspension will rest low so you do not have to be a giant to use the kitchen or get in and out of the bed area.  The current camper is fitted with the Cruisemaster Independant suspension capable of managing dirt roads and sealed highways.  We have taken our Jag camper through state forests dirt roads without fuss or issue.  The Cruisemaster suspension fitted is a very capable and sturdy suspension.

Overall, the Jag camper was designed to be light weight and easy to tow, effortless set up, fit in garages and provide a comfortable sleeping zone and adequate kitchen facilities. It was very pleasing to hear that we achieved this in spades and the comments that the camper is not only great for quick get aways but also for long road trips. I for one can vouch for that as we have many wonderful memories of quick weekend get aways and extended holidays to North Queensland and NSW.

If you have any questions or would like to see the camper again, please do not hesitate to call us or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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teardrop camper australia jag camper lets go camping 2023 brisbane show 2