JAG Teardrop Camper – February Newsletter

Production begins, Upcoming Gold Coast Show, Canopy Options and a Successful Show last weekend at the Moreton Bay Expo!

Hello JAG Camper Friends
Welcome to the JAG Teardrop Camper February Newsletter! There has been a lot happening this month! We have just returned from the Moreton Bay Expo and we are excited to be jumping straight into production! More below.

🔨Production Begins🔨

Come for a factory tour and see how JAG Campers are made!
5/109 Riverside Place, Morningside, Brisbane, QLD
Call 0427 1998 00 or email [email protected] to book your tour!

We are excited to start work on our latest production run. Cabinetry assembly is currently underway. Once completed, we will be ready to start assembly of our chassis and composite panels!

Also, Checkout how beautiful the new timber we are utilising is!
We are now utilising Gaboon Marine plywood for the visible faces of all our cabinetry. We have made this change because, well, look at how beautiful it is!

For all the hidden parts of the cabinetry we utilise a Falcatta plywood, which is also very beautiful, but has less “character” than the Gaboon

🗓️Gold Coast Camping Show 🗓️
Next Weekend

Let’s Go Caravan and Camping Show
March 1st-3rd | Heritage Bank Stadium
🎟️Buy Tickets Here🎟️

We are getting ready for the upcoming Gold Coast Let’s Go Caravan and Camping Show on the 1st – 3rd of March at Heritage Bank Stadium.

Please Come by and Check us out

Thank you for all those who came to the Moreton Bay Redcliffe Expo on the weekend

It was amazing to meet you all. We were blown away by how many of you told us that you had come just to see the JAG Teardrop Camper!

⛱️Canopy Options⛱️

This was a common question at the Moreton Bay show, so allow me to explain a couple options we have been working on!

Air Gazebo – Custom Designed for the JAG Teardrop Camper

We have designed a self inflating 5x5m air tent especially for the JAG Teardrop Camper.


  • Self inflates via 12v air pump within minutes
  • No mechanical poles are required, it truly self inflates!
  • Completely Encapsulates the Camper
    • Large space on either side of the camper
    • Large space that goes beyond kitchen hatch
    • walk from Kitchen to bedroom completely undercover (awnings do not allow this)
  • Multiple Window/wall setup options
    • Mosquito netted windows
    • completely openable windows
    • completely closeable walls
    • Removable walls
  • Easily fits on a regular campsite
  • Ability to add bathroom/shower to one side and living space to other side
  • Cost effective
  • Seals at doors and before sun roof to allow breeze and sunlight
  • Stores in convenient carry bag

We have recently received our first prototype, shown in the images above. This model is 4.2 x 4.2m, future models will be 5 x 5m, better encapsulating the kitchen unlike the one photographed above.

Darche 180° Foldout Quick Setup Awning

We can also add the Darche Eclipse 180° Awning to the camper. Advantages below:


  • Quick and easy setup within 30 seconds
  • Self supporting arms mean no poles are required (poles should be utilised in windy conditions)
  • Ideal for touring and solo travelers
  • Meets with Kitchen hatch
  • 3x3m popup Gazebo can be added over kitchen hatch to create a completely undercover setup
  • Walls can be added to create a spacious side room
  • Mounting options:
    • To side of camper (will not increase total height so camper can still fit in garages)
    • To roof racks fitted on top of camper
  • High quality premium product from trusted brand

Please see the above photos from the Darche website. We will soon be adding the Darche 180° awning for a client, so we will be able to provide photos of how this looks on a AG Teardrop Camper soon!

Thank You For Reading

Thank you for reading our updates for this month. Please reach out via our website or our contact details below for any further information.

Kind Regards,
Jack and Frank

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