Camper Electrical, Gas and Water Made Easy

Utilising the electrical, gas and water systems of your camper should be easy, we have made sure of this in the JAG Camper. In the JAG Teardrop Camper all the electrical, gas and water services are located in the one easily accessible spot on the side of the camper.

On the driver side of the camper, we have 6 service points: Water tank input, 240 Volt input, Solar Input, 12 volt output, Gas bayonet output, T.V. aerial input.

Water tank input

The water tank filling point is a standard lockable fill point.  It sits comfortably at a level that makes the process of filling the tank easy.

240 volt input plug point

When at home or at a campsite with power, you will want to plug in to the 240 volt mains to charge the battery or use one of the 4 power outlets available in the camper.  This point is located just above the water tank filler point and has an RCD (Residual Current Device) located alongside the input power point.

Camper 240 Mains power RVD Switched input
internal camper 240v outlets

2 x 240 volt outputs inside the camper

camper kitchen 240v output

2 x 240 volt outputs in the kitchen. The charger takes one of the sockets however, can be unplugged if required.

Solar input

We consciously decided not to put solar panels on the roof of the camper for two reasons.  1. Solar panels are generally black and can generate a lot of heat, which isn’t the best for keeping the camper cool.  Secondly, we discovered over the years that most of us like to enjoy our camp sites with shade, which would interrupt the solar on a stationary panel located on the roof.  So the Jag camper has an input for a solar blanket or panel located just above the 240 input point.  No need for a controller or inverter as Jag has a build in MPPT Solar controller.  Just position the solar blanket perfectly away from any shade, plug it into the Jag via the Anderson plug and start charging your battery.

Camper Solar Anderson Plug input

12 volt output

There always seems to be a need for additional power when camping.  It might be to run lights, an extra fridge or a pump for that stand up paddle board.  Jag has two 12 volt cigarette sockets located on each side of the camper.  The sockets are switched via the internal switch panel so when you do not want others to use the power you can switch them off.

Camper 12v input

Gas output

The new legislation stipulates that a non fixed gas cooker cannot be permanently attached to the gas line.  Jag has a pullout drawer with a gas cooker so it cannot have a permanent gas connection.  We have fitted a bayonet gas connection just to the left of the water tank filler allowing quick connection to the gas cooker.  A double adapter bayonet can also be fitted to the bayonet outlet to run a BBQ or hot water service in addition to the gas hob.

camper gas bayonet

Television Antenna Connection

Jag comes with a Foldaway TV Antenna that fits to the side of the camper. The Fold Away Antenna is an awesome product that compacts down into a tiny tube and takes seconds to install when you want to watch TV. The antenna connection point is located directly under the mounting points of the The antenna for easy connection.

The Jag Camper has been designed to make camping easy and practical.  The service points are all there in one location for quick, hassle free connection and easy use.

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