A small Caravan shaped like a Teardrop

teardrop camper australia jag camper tweed river

Where it all began!

My first camping experience was when I was still in nappies and the family caravan was a bond wood caravan.  The caravan weighed way too much for our small Ford Consul that had questionable braking without a caravan, little own with the caravan attached.  The smell of burning clutch and many gear changes later, we would finally arrive at our caravan park destination.  The caravan had all the modern appliances including an ice chest as a fridge and 240 volt lights, the only way we would stay out of the dark was if we were at a camp site with power and keeping our food and drinks cold was via block ice, delivered daily by the Ice man.

How things have changed

Now a days, we want to camp off grid or at least have the option to camp off grid.  Low voltage LED lighting, low draw camping fridge/freezers and the use of LPG for cooking…..makes the option of off grid camping very feasible.  That combined with a “get up and go without fuss, little to no strain on our car and easy set up, makes for the perfect solution to a weekend, week or months camping holiday.

Looking for the perfect camping experience

The Jag camper has been designed to cater for those that want to camp off grid, however want the features available with many of the much larger caravans  In a Jag camper, all the lights, fridge, fans, television and charging points are connected to a Lithium Ion battery that is charged by either, solar, the car or when at home or campsite, from the built in mains power charger.  Depending on the size of the battery option, Jag has approximately 3 days of power….connect a solar panel or blanket and the battery will charge quicker than your usage.

Alfresco kitchen with the lot

A kitchen with a two burner hob, sink with running water connected to an 84 litre tank, 1600 x 700mm bench top, pantry, fridge and plenty of space for your cutlery and crookery, the Jag camper punches well and truly above its weight on features.

A cosy sleeping space with plenty of storage.

A queen size bed with plenty of cupboard space inside the bedroom area, a 600 litre below bed storage area and electrical components including Sirocco fans, reading lights, USB and USBC charging points makes up the comforts of home in this relatively small package. 

So looking back at the what we started with, it is incredible to see what is now on offer and how convenient it is to go away either off grid or in the comforts of a caravan park.  You really do not need more when camping….a good kitchen, cold drinks and food, plenty of lighting and a comfortable bed.  Thats what we set out to delivery when designing the Jag Camper and we are very proud to have delivered this little caravan package.

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teardrop camper australia jag camper tweed river